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... that feed our soul

Positive, life-enhancing relationships are what feeds our souls. They give our lives meaning and depth, not to mention the purest form of joy. It's just how we humans are made, simple as that.

Because no two human beings are identical, it is easy for relationships to get derailed (sometimes even to the point of toxic). When that 'derailment' doesn't get addressed or worsens, the results can be devastating. Whether it's a couple, family members, or parent and child, the worst things we can do are to ignore it or keep trying the same things hoping for a different result. Or walk away without the kind of inner peace that comes from knowing you gave it the effort it deserved.

My work with relationships begins with ensuring each person is and feels heard. Truly heard and validated. That's the starting point. You can't move forward until you feel you've been heard, validated and understood. The coaching environment becomes each person's safe place, where they can express exactly and honestly what is in their mind and heart without judgment and with understanding. We move forward from there. To learn more about my methodology, feel free to contact me or book a free initial chat.

I've been coaching people for many years, and I'm a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified EQ Practitioner. EQ is what I am passionate about because it's the only way to live a successful life. It's what I know inside and out, deep in my DNA. Let me help you use it to make your relationship better.



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