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"Absolutely life-changing"


I work with families, kids and individuals to build and strengthen their emotional intelligence skills for a better life.
Kids, teens, young adults

I build anxiety management skills in children and young adults using the evidence-based, effective, world-renowned program Cool Kids.

All ages


  • 動機

  • 焦慮管理

  • 彈力

  • 自尊

  • 管理完美主義

  • 社交技能

  • 管理強烈的情緒



  • 育兒成功的三個關鍵原則

  • 情緒輔導你的孩子

  • 與您的孩子建立/修復關係

  • 行為管理

  • 管理孩子的焦慮

  • 管理孩子的強烈情緒

  • 度過青春期


Don't just take my word for it - here are what clients have said about working with me. These are absolutely true, real comments from people I have coached. Look at the Testimonials page for more...

Man in Nature

Despite my low expectations and cynicism I’ve improved amazingly in all aspects I’ve worked on and that is amazing

G.G., 62

Senior Man in Black

Absolutely life changing

You're the best, Antonia

Teen Traveler

It allows you to see alternative ways forward from someone who cares.

Z.D., 17

G.G., 62


這很簡單。 我們如何處理我們的想法和感受,決定了我們的人生道路。現在一點點改變都會對生活產生巨大的影響。

更容易培養堅強的孩子 不如修破[人]。


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