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The bottom line question is 'will this really help? is it worth the time and effort?' 

The best answer is in
real life - in the proven. Here's what's happened for other people like you who have worked with me.

"Absolutely life-changing"

Holding Hands

Life changing and strengthening.

Male Teenage Model_edited.jpg

Z.D., 17

I had tough times controlling anger around some people; using strategies and rationale I’ve overcome that and learned to deal with it better.

Absolutely life-changing.


It gave me the ability to see things from a new perspective and have hope

Smiling Student_edited.jpg

K.A., 21

Super comfortable and relieving. Getting all my thoughts and feelings out in a safe space and being guided to realise that the cyclic thought patterns I go through can be broken.

A.T., 68

Note: these photos are stock  images and do not represent the actual clients, due to privacy issues. These photos reflect the demographic of the individual providing the testimonial.

Smiling Student_edited.jpg

K.A., 21

You included some of your own anecdotes that I could learn from and relate to (which a lot of counsellors don't do, so it helped me feel even more comfortable with sharing things about myself and

I didn't feel judged at all)

Male Teenage Model_edited.jpg

Z.D., 17

I was able to share the complex issues touching my family relationships & financial constraints and see a positive way forward.

Smiling Mature Woman

(initials withheld), 67

I like the way you can see clearly and make sense of the emotions I am going through. It is huge to know that you understand me.

I could not make this journey without you.

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