Kids, Teens & Young Adults

Because these are the foundational years that last the rest of their lives. Make that foundation rock-solid to maximize their potential and set them on the right path. 


-Frederick Douglass

Anxious Child/Teen

Anxiety Management Program

A World-Class, Evidence-Based Program That Delivers Real Results!

We all experience some form of mild anxiety from time to time. But for some people, especially children and young adults, it can be a debilitating force that robs them of their future or stops them from being all they can be.

Anxiety is not something that can be hit with a sledgehammer approach. In fact, it can be easy to make the problem worse by increasing the worry about the anxiety. I use a highly-respected, evidence-based program developed at Macquarie University and proven to work.

Child Psycholgist

Personal Issue-Specific Coaching

One-on-One Tailored Help for Specific Issues

Customized help tailored to your child's specific needs, personal coaching is a powerful and effective option that delivers results that have the power to change futures (as well as the right now). 

  • Motivation

  • Resilience

  • ADHD Management

  • Study skills / Executive Function

  • Self-esteem

  • Perfectionism

  • Social skills

School & Life Success Program

Because Heart + Mind = Destiny

An exciting new program designed to methodically take your child through each of the key emotional intelligence skills they need for success in school - and in life. 

We don't need experts to convince us that emotional wisdom, more than traditional IQ, is what determines success. Each one of us knows by personal experience how our emotional challenges have shaped the choices we've made - good and bad. It is so much easier to help our kids make small changes now that will result in quantum differences in their future.

Workshops and Courses for Kids/Teens/YA

Practical, effective, and skill-specific

Throughout the year, we offer workshops and courses focusing on critical skills or issues. Make sure you are kept informed about these events by adding your name to our mailing list - complete the Subscribe section below.


It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken [people].

Frederick Douglass

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