School & Life Success Program

Because Heart + Mind = Destiny

Does your child struggle with:

  • Motivation

  • Anxiety

  • Resilience

  • ADHD

  • Study skills / Executive Function

  • Self-esteem

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-Control

  • Managing Feelings

Academic tutoring has its place, but it can't address what may really be holding your child back.

Emotional IQ ("EQ") is the real key. That's where we humans get stuck, regardless of our external efforts. Decades of research and our own lived experience confirms over and over again how critical our 'emotional wisdom' is to our life outcomes.

That's why we are currently developing an exciting, in-depth, practical program crafted to skill young people in these key skills. It will meet them where they individually are and then strengthen these skills one by one, through EXPERIENCE-based exercises and activities.

What makes this program so exciting and so different? It is EXPERIENCE-based. We 'deep-learn' all our habits and beliefs through the experiences of our lives. The same needs to apply to correcting and 'unlearning' where necessary. Mental exercises are not enough. That's our key difference.

We will be offering two ways to make this life-altering difference in your child's life:

  • a super-affordable subscription program, or

  • one-on-one coaching.

Interested? Want to be kept up to date on the release dates? Complete the inquiry form and register your interest! No obligation, we will just keep you informed as the release date approaches.

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