Anxiety Management 

Anxiety can be a very challenging emotion to manage - for both the persons struggling with it and those close to them. Left unchecked or unmanaged, it can slowly develop into depression. It's important to learn and practice some basic principles for understanding and managing anxiety in healthy ways.

In an ideal world, this is best achieved in a personal, customized way through one-on-one professional coaching. But this can be too costly for many families, so we also provide a group-based option.


The Cool Kids Program is a world-renowned, skills-based program that teaches kids (including teens through the "Chilled" version) and their parent(s) how to better manage anxiety. The program has been running at Macquarie University and across the globe since 1993 and numerous research studies have found that most young people who complete it show significant improvement.

For complete information about the program and its contents, check out their website here.

1 on 1 Anxiety Management Coaching


The most effective option, one-on-one coaching means I will work with your child's specific needs and situation, using the Cool Kids or Chilled program (depending on your child's age). We will work at a pace that is comfortable for him or her and build skills for understanding and managing the distressing feelings associated with anxiety. Parents and/or other carers will also be provided with information and support strategies the help both of you manage better.

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Anxiety Management GROUP Program