Anxiety / Depression / Stress Group Coaching (5)


$60 per session


8 weeks

About the Course

Unmanaged anxiety and stress can have devastating effects on our lives - physical and mental. And can lead to depression, which is an even worse place to be.

Come learn the really effective strategies for combatting those effects and turning them around. Together we will learn how to feel better, have a more positive outlook, build resilience, and let the hope permeate our hearts and minds. The result will be better relationships and a renewed interest in life.

Don't stay in the pain. The pain of change is so much less than the pain you're in now. I know, personally. I've been there myself.

Your Instructor

Antonia Simone

"Antonia is an absolute gem. The advice she brings to the table is insightful, realistic and useful."

I am a trained, qualified and experienced teacher and life coach, with over 25 years' experience working with both adults and children of all ages. Member of the International Coach Federation, Certified EQ Practitioner with Six Fully trained and accredited in the Cool Kids Anxiety Management Program developed and overseen by Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Antonia Simone