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Coaching for Adults

You can get there from here.

A life of joy and inner richness. Deep and meaningful connections that enrich your life. These are what is possible, regardless of your circumstances (and that's not an empty promise). With some work and a little guidance, you can get there. Don't let days and weeks keep slipping away with the same old issues stopping you from being happy.

Emotional and social skills are at the core of mental health, positive relationships and achieving our goals. Without them we just limp along through life hoping for the best. You've heard of IQ? Well, EQ is the emotional kind of intelligence. EQ coaching helps you achieve your goals and keep on succeeding and thriving long after the coaching is done.

And money should not be what keeps you from getting to your goals. That's why, if that's an issue for you, I offer group coaching to make it much more affordable.  And that means 'meeting' like-minded people who are facing similar issues, and can become a source of validation and inspiration. Either way, you can get there from here. I'll help you do that.

Insightful and grounded.  And lived experience - so I really GET where you are coming from. That's what you get when you talk to me. You can't address an issue or an obstacle until you know what it really is... like where it stems from. That's the first thing we'll do after we get clear on your goals. We'll get to the heart of the matter so you can start getting to where you want to be in your head, your life, your relationships.  And we'll also work on how to manage life in the meantime so it's less stressful.

I've been coaching people for many years, and I'm a member of the International Coach Federation and a certified EQ Practitioner. EQ is what I am passionate about because it's the only way to live a successful life. It's what I know inside and out, deep in my DNA. Let me help you use it to make your life better.

Not sure what you need? Need to know more?

Call me or complete the form here. I'll get back to you with options for how I can help or suggest another service provider if that is a better option for you.

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