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About Chilled

Chilled is the version of the Cool Kids program that is modified for adolescents (ages 12/13 to 17). Like Cool Kids, it is a structured program aimed at treating anxiety in teens. It uses a cognitive behavioural approach which means that it focuses on teaching skills to manage anxiety.


Core skills include;

  • how to identify anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours,

  • learning to think realistically,

  • gradually building independence and confidence by facing fears (stepladders).

  • developing assertiveness & problem solving skills

  • helpful ways of coping when upset


If needed, additional skills such as problem solving, social confidence and relaxation can be introduced to help manage difficult situations. For children and teens who also experience low mood or health concerns, specific versions of Cool Kids that target these extra concerns are available.


Parents are shown how to support their child in the use of these new skills and a section of the program focuses specifically on parenting strategies that encourage children to self-manage anxiety.


Who is Chilled for?

Chilled is suitable for a teen if:

  • They are 13 to 17 years old (grades 7-12),

  • Anxiety is the main problem causing the teen difficulty,

  • Anxiety is affecting his or her day-to-day life, and

  • The teen can read and write in English (e.g. read a magazine or newspaper and complete written forms).

Chilled Out is not suitable if a teen:

  • Has a significant learning delay, developmental or intellectual disorder,

  • Has an autism spectrum or related disorder,

  • Has significant behavioural problems, or

  • Has identified risks such as suicidal ideation, self-harm or school refusal.

How does it work?

If you think this program may be what your child needs, book an exploratory session (free of charge), below.

Then, depending on how/if you want to proceed:

  1. An Initial Assessment is completed to ensure we gather a complete picture of your child's level and type of anxiety and any other related conditions.

  2. For private sessions, we will set up a weekly (at times bi-weekly) timetable for completing the program, based on your family's schedule.

    For group sessions, we will recommend the most suitable group for your child to participate in, based on his/her needs and age, from the list of available offerings. Where no suitable offering has been scheduled to begin in the upcoming weeks, it is possible a group may be set up depending on demand.