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Anxiety Management

Anxiety can be debilitating and as difficult to manage for family as for the person struggling with it. Left unchecked or unmanaged, it can slowly develop into depression. It's important to learn and practice some basic principles for understanding and managing anxiety in healthy ways.

We use the evidence-based, proven Cool Kids program as the foundation for our anxiety management services.



Group programs starting soon!

Treatment Options

Take heart! Anxiety is manageable and treatable, even in these difficult times. No-one can promise to eradicate anxiety, but an evidence-based, tried and proven program such as the one we use can make the difference between managing it or being managed BY it.


The methodology we use is the evidence-based, world-class program developed at Sydney's Macquarie University and used successfully around the world since 1993. Why this program? Because it has been crafted, tested and curated by specialists in the field and numerous research studies have found that it results in significant improvement of anxiety symptoms. You'll find comprehensive information on all aspects of this program at its home site here.


As a trained and accredited practitioner of this program, I will work through the 10-session step-by-step program with your child/teen individually or as part of a small group (maximum of 6). Check out the programs below (based on age) and delivery options.

CK programs
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Group sessions are starting soon!


Ready to take the next step? Or need to know more? Choose from one of the options below.

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Request an Info Pack

Request a free information pack that contains all the details you need to know about the program and how to apply. Hassle-, spam- and obligation-free.

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Register your child for the program, either group-delivered or one-on-one. You will receive a registration pack and information on the next available group sessions or, for personal sessions, we can work out a time that suits your schedule best.


Book a Virtual Chat

Book a 15-minute free Exploratory Consultation where we can discuss your concerns, hassle-free.

For a more in-depth discussion of your concerns, book a General Consultation.

Either option can be selected below.


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